Cheyenne Police Investigating Shooting At Local Pharmacy

By Staff 10.6,2016

The Cheyenne Police department is on the lookout for three suspects involved in an attempted armed robbery in Cheyenne Thursday morning where one person was shot.

Cheyenne Police Department public information officer Dan Long says three dark complected men wearing ski masks entered the Medicap Pharmacy on Bluegrass off Dell Range around 10:50 AM,  pulled fire arms and began shooting.  Long says an employee of the pharmacy fired back and the suspects then fled in a white Ford suv.  An employee was hit in the leg and was transported to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Long says they are searching for three men believed to be involved in the shooting, one is described as wearing all black clothes, and two others were wearing green clothing.  Longs says they believe the suspects are still in the area.

A vehicle from Wheatland, that was reported carjacked, was found and towed by the Cheyenne Police Department and is believed to be the vehicle used by the three robbery suspects.

The Medicap Pharmacy is where a similar incident occurred about two years ago, when an armed man entered the store and pulled a gun and demanded drugs but the owner of the store pulled his gun and shot the robber.