Cheyenne Police Make Multiple Arrests In Sex Trafficking Operation

By Staff 10-18,2016

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) partnered with the Cheyenne Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Service for Operation Cross Country last week in Cheyenne. Operation Cross Country is an FBI led task force targeting sex trafficking of both adults and juveniles.

The operation was a nationwide effort. Caitlin Shelby, 23, of Cheyenne; Jodi Nelson, 38, of Cheyenne; and Leighanna Hensen, 38, of Cheyenne; were arrested on one count each of prostitution. Bernadette Lopez, 35, of Loveland, CO was arrested for one count of prostitution, possession of marijuana, and sale/delivery of methamphetamine. Juan Pucastro, 23, of Cheyenne; Thomas Sauber, 52, of Sycamore, IL; Kyler Macy, 30, of Cheyenne; Thomas Watkins, 22, of Cheyenne; Jonathan Archuleta, 32, of Cheyenne; and William Tilson, 35, of Chilhowie, VA; were arrested arrested for one count each of soliciting an act of prostitution.

The task force’s main objective is to identify and recover victims of commercial sex trafficking. Additionally, the task force takes enforcement action against those associated with, or participating in commercial sex trafficking.