Dog Adoption Floor Reopens at Cheyenne Animal Shelter

CAS 3-3-2017

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter has re-opened the dog adoption area. After three cases of parvovirus occurred in dogs vaccinated by the Shelter, the main priority was to protect the community and to quarantine any potentially exposed dogs.

Shelter Medical Director, Tessha Gathings, sent blood samples to the Colorado State Veterinary lab to ensure the vaccine used by the Shelter was effective and to clear all tested dogs of having the virus.

The dog adoption floor is open and adoptable dogs will be moved as space becomes open.

A quarantine period was used as a precaution until veterinary staff received blood test results confirming that the dog adoption floor could re-open.

“We always take the extra step when it comes to animal care,” said Dr. Gathings. “The quarantine time helped to ensure the animals were healthy and ready to find homes.”

For more information or to make a donation to the medical fund, visit or call Marketing Coordinator, Niki Rose at 307-278-6195.