Laramie County sees record number of voters in first two days of early voting

LCC   7-12-18

Although the Primary Election is more than a month away, a record number of Laramie County voters have already cast their ballots.


Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee said an unprecedented 103 voters turned up in the first day of early voting on July 6 and another 105 cast ballots on July 9, the second day of the 45-day early voting period. 


“We had a fourfold increase from the 2016 Primary, and we had even more voters on the second day.  Our election judges were busy all day and this is not usually the case so early in the process,” said Lee.


Lee said Laramie County voters have three ways in which they can cast a ballot—early voting, voting at home with an absentee mail ballot, or voting on Election Day at any one of 13 vote centers. 


Early voting is taking place through Aug. 20, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., in the Atrium of the Laramie County Governmental Complex, 309 W 20th Street in Cheyenne.   Persons who are not yet registered to vote may also register in the Atrium. 

Registered voters may request an absentee mail ballot by phone or email.  Call the County Clerk’s election office (307) 633-4242 or email .  Voters are asked to provide their name as listed on the voter registration list, date of birth, Laramie County residence address, address where the ballot is to be mailed, if different, and contact information. 


Those who choose to wait until Primary Election Day on Aug. 21 can cast a ballot at any one of 13 voter centers in the county, choosing the center most convenient to where they live or work. 


Requirements for registration and voting are U.S. citizenship, resident of Laramie County, age 18 by the date of the election, and if convicted of a felony, voting rights must be restored.  New registrants and those who registered by mail and are voting for the first time are required to present a valid government-issued identity document.  


For more information on elections, voter registration, vote centers, and to preview your ballot, visit the election page of the Laramie County Clerk at or call (307) 633-4242.