Orr Announces Appointments and Reappointments; Taps Sylvia Hackl as City Attorney

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Marian Orr on Friday announced she will appoint Sylvia Hackl as City Attorney. Hackl currently serves as legal counsel for the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.


Orr made the announcement Thursday morning in a press conference from her transition office in the city municipal building.


“This is a big win for the City of Cheyenne,” Orr said. “Sylvia’s experience is extraordinary, her respect in the legal community is unparalleled, and her work ethic is second to none.”


“She’s got a big job ahead of her but that’s nothing new for Sylvia,” Orr said. “Her legal expertise and her leadership abilities positions her to be effective on day one.”


In Hackl’s 36-year legal career, she served as the Chief Deputy Attorney General, Deputy County Attorney, on the State Board of Equalization, and as the State Public Defender. She currently serves as legal counsel for the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.


“I worked with Sylvia at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center,” said Orr who was a member of the hospital’s board of trustees.  “But I’ve been aware of her work and reputation for years. We’re not going to find a better person for this job. Frankly, to get someone of her caliber to work in this position is the essence of public service. She’s doing it to give back and for that we should be grateful.”


Orr specifically mentioned Hackl will be a key player in Orr’s committee to tackle abandoned buildings and homes —  an issue Orr repeatedly discussed during her campaign.


“Of course, Sylvia will be very much involved in the Fight the Blight task force,” she said. “This is something I campaigned on and I look forward to having a bulldog — if you will — right in the middle of this.”


Orr also announced the appointment of Jason Sanchez as Interim Director of City Parks.  Sanchez replaces Rick Parrish.


“I’d like to commend Rick for his years of service,” Orr said. “He served our community for more than 28 years and we should all be thankful.”


“I’m also grateful that Jason will serve as interim director,” she said.  “He has been with City Parks for more than 20 years and he will serve to keep things consistent while we look for a new director.


Sanchez also serves as president of the Cheyenne Public Employees Association and has held numerous leadership positions throughout his tenure.


“I’m committed to our parks, our greenway, our wonderful Botanic Gardens, and all that our parks envelop,” Orr said. “And I’m looking forward to naming a new director who can move the city forward.”


In announcing a round of reappointments Orr had high praise for the individuals’ commitment to public service.


“My transition team and I have been hard at work going over the budget, talking with many members of our city government, identifying and listening to challenges in the different departments and charting our way forward,” Orr said.  “I, of course, continue to meet with outgoing mayor Rick Kaysen and all of our city council members.”


“We’re lucky in Cheyenne to have many, many people who selflessly devote their lives to public service,” she said. “They could make a lot more money in the private sector but choose to work here — for the City of Cheyenne — for the betterment of our community.”


Orr reappointed the following people (in alphabetical order):


Randy Hays, BOPU Treasurer

Lois Huff, City Treasurer

Carol Intlekofer, City Clerk

Ronn Jeffrey, Juvenile Judge

James Martin, Fire Chief

Mark Moran, Senior Municipal Court Judge

Vicki Nemecek, Director of Public Works


Kim Skoutary, Municipal Judge