Superintendent Releases Statement on Principal


Following is a statement from LCSD1 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Boyd Brown—


Good afternoon,

Mr. Todd Burns will be taking over as the interim principal at McCormick Junior High School on Monday, April 29, 2019 to complete the school year.  Mr. Burns is a veteran administrator with experience at all levels.  He was at Carey Junior High School for 8 years and has 20 years of school level administration.  Administration believes Mr. Burns is a good fit to support the students and staff at McCormick through the remainder of the year.  As part of the transition, additional administrative and counseling supports will be provided. 

Ms. Tiffany Rehbein will be providing oversight for Bain Elementary School for the remainder of the school year.  Ms. Rehbein has worked as an administrative intern this year at Bain Elementary under Mr. Burns and administration believes she will continue the good work that is underway at Bain.  Mr. Burns will be available to support the school community should the need arise.  

The district will begin the search process for the McCormick Junior High School principal vacancy immediately. The successful candidate will assume duties for the 2019-20 school year.   

Dr. Boyd Brown
Superintendent of Schools
Laramie County School District 1