Urban Forestry Division Begins Ash Replacements on City Property

City 1-23-20

The Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division has begun removing ash trees on City property in poor condition in preparation for the anticipated arrival of emerald ash borer (EAB). Be on the lookout for Urban Forestry crews conducting tree removal operations in several parks, including Holliday, Pando, Cahill, Smalley, Mylar, United Nations, and the Pointe. 

Please give crews the space they need to do their jobs safely. All trees removed will be replaced with a variety of tree species other than ash that are well adapted to Cheyenne’s growing conditions. Ash in good condition on City property will be treated with preventative injections once EAB is found in Laramie County. Homeowners should consider having their ash trees evaluated by a local licensed arborist to help them determine if their ash should be replaced. Urban Forestry recommends removing ash trees in poor condition and replacing with a different tree species. Once EAB does arrive in Cheyenne, homeowners will have to choose whether to chemically treat their ash trees or lose them to EAB. 

For more information on EAB, to download the list of trees for Cheyenne, or to view the list of licensed arborists, go to: http://www.cheyennetrees.com/.